Public transportation in Houston

Everyone says public transportation in Houston is horrible. I've lived there now for a few months, without a car, and it's not as bad as everyone makes out. There's some real positives, in fact -- but there also are some real drawbacks. I'd say the biggest drawback is that you really cannot get out into… Continue reading Public transportation in Houston

Bad audio, all the time

I usually use my trusty laptop to record kids' voices for animations. It usually works out really well, and picks up the kids' voices even when they're speaking softly. But I ran into a problem this time around at the summer camp. There was a super annoying buzzing sound in the hall where I started… Continue reading Bad audio, all the time

Five-year-olds computer animating

Is there a minimum age-limit when it comes to computer animation? Well, I'm sure there is for toddlers and babies, but in the summer camp I'm in, there's three little kids that are entering kindergarten in September. They're all five. They reach out their hand for me to hold if I chance to walk them… Continue reading Five-year-olds computer animating

Helping out at the Science Festival

We had a "Science Festival" on Union Street, and I got to share about my Animations with Kids project. In typical fashion, I started making my poster about 5 hours before the event started. (But I got it done in time!) Now, I'm pretty proud of my poster, because in keeping with the environmental theme… Continue reading Helping out at the Science Festival

The unestimable sweetness of fifth graders

Yes, I said once that 'I don't understand' fifth-graders. And I think I still don't. I related many anecdotes of my difficulties. But they're sweet, nonetheless. The way they all eagerly contributed to ideas when I asked them to pick a title for their story. It came time to vote on the ideas ... and… Continue reading The unestimable sweetness of fifth graders

Making a snail in Blender

I poked around some online examples and tutorials. This snail was super cute and ended up being my inspiration! Can't get any cuter. And then this was a nice and straight-forward tutorial for making the spiral shell, which I stuck on top of the snail. He's a little lop-sided and one-eyed, and after all, that… Continue reading Making a snail in Blender