I started making animations in 2012. My favorite topics include environmental issues. Check them out below. PS. If for some reason your browser won’t play them here, you can find all the videos at my YouTube page.

Animations about the environment

Here’s one about NASA research:

Here’s one about climate change!

About satellites:

And about my research:

Some I make with kids!

Find all my animations made with kids here.

Animations about Sweden

This choreography was inspired by two Swedish girls I saw dancing!

You can find all my animations about Sweden on this playlist! I hope you will love Sweden as much as I do!

Animations about human rights

Here’s one about the ambassador from Sweden at the United Nations:

My very first animations were about human rights issues, especially the problems in Syria (the Syrian Civil War was just intensifying and in the news a lot as I was getting started).

(Guess who liked reading American Girls books!)

Another human rights animation I’ve made is: “Tea at Panera” or “Arab Stereotypes” (in Arabic, English subtitles).

And all my animations about satellites and water are under the ‘Research’ tab!