Enjoy these photos of my various projects and travels!

Where I used to work in the Chesapeake Bay
Where I used to work in the Chesapeake Bay
Praying mantis (or something) in the rose.
Pacific Ocean from San Francisco, 2018
Kids in Maryland watching their finished animation, all together, 2014.
Helping youth in Jordan edit footage of their Ecopark into a film, 2014.


Kids at a library in Concord, North Carolina, making illustrations for their animated story, 2015.


In Stockholm, Sweden, for World Water Week 2015.


Fall colors in Chapel Hill, 2014.


Teaching animation to a class of second graders in Sweden, 2016.
Somber views from the Golden Gate
Swedish kids at the library, figuring out the animation software, 2016.


Train bound over the Rockies to the American Geological Union meeting in San Francisco, 2015


Jumping over bonfires in Chapel Hill after beating Duke at basketball … yes, this is a thing.


Learning about satellites and water pollution, Sweden, 2015.


Viewing party, Stockholm, for “Who’s cutting down Yusuf’s trees?”, 2016


Meadow in Switzerland, after a conference in Vienna 🙂 2017


Stockholm at sunset, 2016.


Castle in Switzerland, 2017


Fleecy clouds and flowers, Switzerland, 2017


Kitty-cats in Amman, Jordan!


Field in Mantorp, Sweden, 2015


Bike trip on a beautiful day on the Eastern Shore of Maryland


View from Seattle onto the water, from a work trip in 2011. I think the photo looks great! Trust me, I took this on accident.


Just hanging out.


Bounty from the backyard.
Always a good idea.
It’s Trouble the Cat
Trouble the cat, again