How I got two science communication jobs

I have seen on Twitter the heart-ache for people in science communication who can't find full-time jobs with benefits. Well, I found two of them. So let me tell you how I did that. First, how did I search for job openings? I'm not very good at that, but one thing I did was to… Continue reading How I got two science communication jobs

My 2019 AGU talks

AGU is a conference held in December each year, about a week before Christmas. AGU stands for American Geophysical Union. It's more interesting than it sounds, promise! Usually it's held in San Francisco. I've been a couple of time. This past December, I had three talks at AGU. Two were invited. I felt very special.… Continue reading My 2019 AGU talks

Scicomm made polished, part 3

I finished a new animated Twitter thread for work. This one is on planet collisions. Woah! You can see it here. It's nine tweets in all. I wrote about getting feedback onĀ  my animated Twitter threads earlier. I was sad because I was told about how bad and unpolished my work was. Well, after all… Continue reading Scicomm made polished, part 3