My protoplanetary disk in Blender3D

A protoplanetary disk is, in my opinion, a stupid word that means something very sweet ... it just means a solar system in its infancy, when it's still a baby, still developing. But instead of just calling it a "baby solar system" or, to be more regal, an "infant solar system", they had to christen… Continue reading My protoplanetary disk in Blender3D

Scicomm made polished, part 3

I finished a new animated Twitter thread for work. This one is on planet collisions. Woah! You can see it here. It's nine tweets in all. I wrote about getting feedback onĀ  my animated Twitter threads earlier. I was sad because I was told about how bad and unpolished my work was. Well, after all… Continue reading Scicomm made polished, part 3

Honest feedback from kids

When I make animations with kids, part of the point is that other kids will want to watch the stories and learn something about the environment and about science on the way. Well, after I had finished "When Anders, Dilsa, and Reza were mean: a bird story" with the kids at a local summer camp,… Continue reading Honest feedback from kids

The best science artists (according to the European Space Agency)

I am making this list based on certain online sleuthings I made a few months ago. There was an art competition announced ... and it was an art competition that specifically had to do with satellites and climate change. Those were two topics heavily featured in my PhD dissertation, so I thought, why not enter?… Continue reading The best science artists (according to the European Space Agency)

Animations with kids and old Eurovision songs

I've had a song from the 1989 Eurovision stuck in my head. As I was editing/fixing/polishing/rendering the animations for McAllister Elementary, I listened to it on repeat, as I do, making handy use of the YouTube refresh button. It was still on my computer when I dashed to McAllister the very day before our viewing… Continue reading Animations with kids and old Eurovision songs