A new video about Sweden

The last time I made a video about Sweden, it was fall 2017. Can’t believe we’re 6 years past 2017.

The time gap was not intentional. I just got caught up with other things. But I finally got one done. .

Taylor Swift singing about Sweden (Mirrorball):

I made this in Blender 3D. I tried some new things.

The fireworks I learned to make from this tutorial.

Angel chimes in Blender 3D

The angel chimes I made from a picture; plus, I have angel chimes on my shelf! Normally, I would have just propped my angel chimes in front of my face and modeled directly off of them. But, I happened to be on a train, and that train took me to a God-forsaken place where my angel chimes were far far away 😦 So I had to use the picture. And a very bad, fuzzy picture it was. I couldn’t find any good pictures of angel chimes on the Internet. So strange. But I think my Blender angel chimes turned out beautifully.

Oh my God. I just realized I forgot to add the candles. Oh well.

The beautiful twinkling night sky I made from this tutorial. This one was genius.

Oh, this next bit is very special:

Lotta och sin far och sin bamse

That is a picture from an Astrid Lindgren book about a girl called Lotta. I saw that picture almost 20 years ago and loved it. And then I could never find it in a book again — until last year finally. After ransacking several libraries. So I took a picture, and now here it is!

And this Santa Lucia crown and this bouquet of flowers both made their first appearance in my first ever video about Sweden that I made in 2013 😳 It seems me making videos about Sweden doesn’t do any good.

A flower bouquet from the summer, and a Santa Lucia crown from the dead of winter.

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