Other animation software

I’ve heard of AfterEffects, and it just struck me I should search for some material that shows what exactly this software can do. I found this video on YouTube, it was pretty cool.

It looks like AfterEffects doesn’t do the exact sort of 3D computer animation that you can pursue through Blender. But on the other hand, this AfterEffects video shows lots of techniques that I don’t know personally how to do in Blender; and I’m not sure if some of them can be done. I’ll have to look into it.

It’s pretty interesting because some of the animation techniques I just saw are things I would like to incorporate, especially the ones where things look old and frayed. Now, I don’t have the money to be using AfterEffects, so I’m going to look into if there are free similar programs. Any thoughts?

Update: Found another AfterEffects video. I don’t like it though. I know it looks slick and cool and sophisticated, but that style of animation, where things are bobbing and sliding and everything is smooth and acts like it knows it all, seems so dull. The pictures don’t even really match up to what the person is saying. It’s too corporate!

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