Adam and Eve

I’ve been working on an animation of the bristlecone pine.

I named the two trees Adam and Eve.

The animation is almost done – I am going to try to enter it into the Fredrikstad Animation Festival, just for fun.

I entered this festival once before with the film “Who’s cutting down Yusuf’s trees?” but they told me, “we are very sorry …”

So we’ll see about this one. If they accept it … and if I don’t have a job in November … why, I’ll just go to Norway!!


Two bristlecone pines, Adam and Eve, live in a desert …


… by a river …


… with the cozy lights of the village in the distance, under the stars.


But then disaster strikes.


After 40 years of devastating drought, even though all else died, and all the villagers left, the bristlecone pine survived.


This scene, with the glint of sunlight on the river spilling out among the shadows, is my favorite!

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