Animated Twitter story: Jupiter and Juno

I made this animated Twitter story about a satellite called Juno that traveled through the deeps of space to meet her lover Jupiter.

What do you think? I built all parts of all the animations myself. Even the satellites I built in Blender from scratch. I’ve never really built complicated stuff before just from looking at a picture. I always used a tutorial. But there are no tutorials for the satellites I needed to model.

grace over earth closer0081
GRACE satellite over Earth. My model from Blender 3D.
Jupiter meets Jupiter0010
Juno satellite approaching the planet Jupiter. Built in Blender 3D.

My favorite parts of the animated story are the girl looking at “How do we know what we know?” and the emerald-green ocean (even though it comes out blurry, not sure why). I thought that the animations with the internal structure of Jupiter were pretty cool, too. But for the rest, I do wish I could have thought of a way to have more bright colors and less space-and-stars clogging up all the scenes.

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