The latest Landsat images on Earth Engine

I had thought that Google’s big library of satellite images was no longer furnishing us with the latest Landsat images. I was using the same lines of code I always had been, and I could never find images past April 2017.

Well, I figured out what the problem is. The images are there, alright. But they have been reorganized and there are new paths to accessing them. So it was a simple matter to sort out! I went to this website and I clicked on the Landsat libraries I wanted, and voila — I found the new pathways that I need. I tried them out, and yes indeed, I saw Landsat images in the areas I wanted from within the last week (so mid-September 2019).

I had earlier written a blog post decrying the loss of current Landsat images on Earth Engine, and giving undue credit to the Europeans for filling in the gap, to top it all off … glad I have things sorted out now.


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