Student evaluations

Someone told me that I should do evaluations of these projects, to gauge the effect of the kids’ attitudes on science and computers. So this is what I came up with:

scicomm student evaluations

Nice and straight-forward for my itty-bitty second-graders.

I actually forgot to do this with my first class at Irvin Elementary. But then, after we did a really great lesson on animation, I asked them, “so what do you all think about computers? What do you all think about science?”

I got huge smiles and huge shouts of “fun” back. So too bad I didn’t do a pre-evaluation of their thoughts! But I will at least do a post-evaluation, and I remembered to do the pre-evaluation with the second Irvin class. I told them, you can be honest, you won’t hurt my feelings at all. I got responses all over the place. It will be cool to compare to the post-evaluation.

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