Get out the vote with teenagers

I met with four teenagers from the Concord Multicultural Community Student Union the other day. It was a wonderful time. They brought up issues they care about, then we plotted out how to make an effective or catchy or emotional post/video for each issue. Then, I called my dad and he rushed over to bring my laptop that I hadn’t got on me. I opened up Blender, and soon enough we had one video done. The girls did all the work.

You should definitely watch it! So you can learn what kinds of stuff is going on.

One thing that made me really angry: this all happened at the Democratic Party for Cabarrus County headquarters, as part of a teen “get-out-the-vote” event. The only teens that showed up were four Black girls from that Student Union. The people running the event were super racist towards them. I’m trying to sort out my thoughts first, and then I want to write in detail what happened. Now, I would like to say not everyone in the Democratic party would act that way, but this is the first time I was there and four Black teenaged girls walked in, and the result was disgusting.

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