Tigris and Euphrates

It had been a secret desire of mine to publish a scientific paper in a real journal since fall, 2008, based on a chance, smug comment from someone icky. Too bad that was the source of my inspiration. The fact that I didn’t publish such a paper remained a source of angst (#FirstWorldProblems) until it finally happened in April, 2017. That paper was about water pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. As luck would have it, right after this great moment of triumph that had been 9 years in the making, featuring 2 failed attempts, lots of terrible things were reported in the news and I was directly very unhappy. It makes me really afraid sometimes to let off my guard.

Earlier this month (or was it late last month), I published a second paper. This one is on a topic of more interest to me. It’s about the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, war, and problems. I got to use lots satellite data. And it was all my own idea (so was the first paper).


If you want to learn more, I’ve got you covered!! First, here is a link to a summary of the paper, AND there’s an animation at the very bottom 🙂 I made the animation myself, I’m super happy about it. It’s like the 10th version, but I got there in the end. It’s cool to have published a paper and to have a video attached to it. It’s the same animation as the one on my ‘Research‘ tab.

If you want to read the whole paper, you can do so right here. A PDF will pop up. You just won’t be able to download it.

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