Swedish words learned from Harry Potter

I read the first Harry Potter book in Swedish. Here’s all the words I was able to learn, either by context clues, or by remembering what the exact phrase in the original book was (so cool when that happened). Maybe you will recognize the scenes and the reason for these words, too:

bläck — ink

mantel — robe

jättelik — giantlike

pergamentpapper — parchment paper

strimming — striped

besynnerligt — weird

kittel — cauldron

begåvad — talented

stöna — groan

klandra — blame

spetsen — point

tenn — tin

stjärnkikare — telescope

trollstav — wand — except there’s two words. Trollstav if it’s a wand for a boy, and trollspö if it’s a wand for a girl. I think.

enhörning — unicorn

disken — the counter

granska — inspect

fräste — snapped

handled — wrist

hök — hawk

svimma — faint

kvastkäpp — broomstick

stolpar — posts (like poles, not like blog posts)

gristryne — pigsnout

kalkon — turkey

flämta — gasp

stamning — stammer

genväg — short-cut

svartalfar — goblins

fläddermus — bat

bägare — goblet

kravla — crawl


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