Construct3D: Mars ice house

One more memorable talk from Construct3D: a lady gave a keynote about the houses she and her team is building to put on Mars.

Her name is Melodie Yashar. It was nice that one of the keynotes was given by a woman.

Any case, they are 3D-printing  houses to one day have on Mars. It was kind of wild. One of their houses they planned would be built of icethat robots would dig out of the red soil on Mars. Well well!

I like one thing especially that she said. She said that she and her team didn’t know all the information about Mars and 3D printing and engineering when they first were getting started. But they went for it anyways, and they won all these competitions from NASA.

That was the big take-away from her talk. I don’t need to know everything. I can leave room to keep learning as I take something on.

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