Fashion for the job

Am I an airhead? Possibly. I say that because a lot of people were murdered or almost murdered in the US last week, based on religion, race, or politics; and I haven’t really been that affected emotionally. I think I just have accepted that this is normal. Can’t bruise me anymore unless it hits closer to home.

So let me instead tell you what I wore to a job interview last Friday. Yes, indeed, poor obscure me had a job interview. It was a rainy, rainy day, and there were puddles everywhere and cars raising the surfs on the streets, so I wore:

1. Light brown boots (short ones; the brim came to just above my ankle); not rubber ones, but leather (I  hope fake leather) ones. So more or less, neat and tidy small boots with thick red laces. My dad bought that for me, I’m sure it was on a big sale.

2. Green leggings. Dark green. They were $25 and I’ve had them for about 3 years. They were only that expensive because I was trying to be good and bought them from a locally-owned store.

3. A simple cotton black-and-white plaid dress. It comes to just below mid-thigh. It’s a very light material. It has a very nice, trim design. It doesn’t billow out or anything. And it has about 3 buttons or so coming down the neck to my ribs, and a nice collar, and it’s sleeveless and has these nice ruffles on the hem. It was $3! And it’s very simple but it honestly looks really nice. Maybe it’s the plaid, or the black color.

4. Over that, I wore a tan colored jacket – a professional-looking jacket. Not a “suit” jacket, though, because it’s longer. It has buttons down the front, is a nice material, and comes just above where the plaid dress hem stops. No pockets. Nice collar. Etc etc. I didn’t button it so the plaid dress showed through the part. I’m pretty sure I got this jacket in high school, I think it was $11. This might have been the fifth time I wore it. Surely, I haven’t worn it more than 10 times.

And that’s it, not counting the coat and the umbrella. Ah, I was also wearing a necklace from my uncle that I got in middle school, and a bracelet from my aunt I got last year.

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