Hummingbirds and butterflies

I saw a monarch butterfly happen upon our red roses a few weeks ago. And I have seen also a butterfly with glossy silky sapphire wings, and one with lemon-yellow wings.

And we have a hummingbird friend that comes at least once a day, or several times a day, to our red roses. I know he’s (or she’s) there because he always comes throttling with the hum of his madly flapping wings. They sound like a busy little engine, and flap so fast I see nothing but a flash and the hazy feathers of the body beyond, and a pointed beak suckling on a rose for an instant, then disappearing around the house in the next.

Right on cue as fall has come … the road through the forest is now scattered with yellow-green leaves … even though the green symphony in the trees remains strong and unblemished.

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