Ninth piece for WIRED

This was an article about an Arabic science show I’d had my heart set on writing, but when I talked to my editor about it, she seemed a little skeptical. But somehow during my last week, I did the research to convince her otherwise, connected with whom I needed to connect, interviewed who I need to interviewed, and wrote it up and got through edits.

I thought this would be the pinnacle of my WIRED-writing career – a wonderful way to sign off. But I honestly can’t stand how the article came out. I was really really sick the last day when it was being edited. So I couldn’t push back the way I normally would have. And the whole article just has this really gross, slickly oily feel that is ridiculous.

I had interviewed an Icelandic man who had been featured on this Arabic technology show. And I was so so excited that I would be writing an article about both Arabs and almost-Scandinavia, all in the same article. But then, during the editing, they took it all out 😦 I was so mad – except I was so sick I honestly couldn’t even get up the energy to be mad.

So here is my guillotined, mutilated, and sickly-fakely article, trying to be all glamorous but really glamor-less.

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