First day at WIRED Science

I was apprehensive, but I liked it. I met my editor and the rest of the science team.

There were five stories that I “pitched” to my editor, and she was really nice about it. She didn’t immediately toss them out the window. Instead, we “workshopped” them, meaning we talked about what kind of information I would need to gather to make it a viable story. I have permission to go ahead and research the top two ideas for now. I hope they’ll end up making me proud!

Then, I was assigned a story. This was a science journal paper. I was not super crazy about it. The topic is interesting, but I think it is one of those papers that comes out sounding really sensational, but really, it’s just same old, same old. You’ll see what I mean when/if it gets published.

But, I think it’s a good article for me to get myself started with – more or less straightforward.As long as the people I emailed to set up interviews with have answered me. I’m kind of worried I’ll arrive to an empty inbox!

After that’s done, I’m looking forward to working again on my own pet stories.

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